Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions commonly asked by prospective students. Please follow links below to find answers.

1. What are the minimum requirements for entrance into the Bachelor of Science program?
For a complete list of requirements, follow link:

2. What are the minimum requirements for entrance into the Master of Science program?
For a complete list of requirements, follow link:

3. Are there special entrance requirements for international students?
To see requirements for international students, follow link:

4. What is the cost for attending the University of Atlanta—Bachelor's program?
For a list of tuition and fees, follow link:

5. What is the cost for attending the University of Atlanta—Master's program?
For a list of tuition and fees, follow link:

6. Where can I find an overview of the University of Atlanta's policies and procedures?
The link below will lead you to a repository for other links on policies and procedures:

7. Can I take a Leave of Absence, receive Transfer Credit, get Financial Aid, etc.?
The Student Handbook provides some information about these policies. You will need to be an enrolled student to access this data, so speak with your student representative. Also, follow link to Student Services/Forms for additional information on policies and forms:

8. Where can I buy/sell books for the courses?
The University of Atlanta includes a virtual bookstore. Its policies are clearly stated in the Student Handbook to which you will have access once you are an enrolled student.

9. Can I get a refund after enrollment?
The University of Atlanta understands that students may experience personal and/or financial difficulties from time to time. For this reason it has a generous refund policy. Please follow link for further details:

10. Is the University of Atlanta accredited?
Yes. Please follow link for details:

11. I am interested in pursuing a Doctoral degree in Business/Educational Leadership/Law. When will these programs begin?
University of Atlanta is growing exponentially. We are in the process of instituting new programs. For further details, please follow link:

12. I have taken some courses at another institution. Can I transfer those credits?
It depends. Please follow link:

13. What kind of payment options do you offer?
We encourage you to discuss your specific details with a Financial Affairs representative. However, follow link to see a general overview of our payment policies:

14. Time notifications are followed by some symbols. What is EST?
The continental United States (48 states) is divided into four time zones. EST, one of the time zones, stands for Eastern Standard Time. Atlanta, Georgia, Headquarters of the University of Atlanta, follows EST. Atlanta’s standard time zone is Greenwich Mean Time minus five (GMT - 5). But, for several months each year, many states observe Daylight Savings Time.

15. What is Daylight Savings Time?
In many states in the United States, every year in the Spring, clocks are brought forward by one hour; in the Fall/Autumn, clocks are brought back by one hour. For example, if Standard Time in Atlanta is Greenwich Mean Time minus five (GMT – 5), then, from Spring to Fall (check web sites below for exact dates), Daylight Savings Time is Greenwich Mean Time minus four (GMT - 4). For further information, please consult the following web sites

16. I emailed/phoned Student Services on Friday. I have not heard back from anyone for a few days. Why?
Students can access academic information, update records, and submit assignments, electronically at any time. But certain student services are available during office hours only: from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday our employees observe the weekend. Remember, emails are sometimes delivered a little late. So though you may have sent us a query on Friday morning, we may not have received it until after hours. Rest assured, if you tried to contact us after hours, and if the message was delivered, you will be contacted first thing Monday morning.

17. What is an Administrative Office/Study Center? Will I still receive a degree from the University of Atlanta?
International Administrative Offices have been opened for the convenience of our students in different parts of the world. Proctoring, tutoring, library, and computer lab services, are now available in Sharjah, and Lebanon. Singapore will offer only proctoring at present. Students are advised to establish contact and register with the individual offices. Atlanta remains the Headquarters of the University of Atlanta, and will also offer all four services. All students are subject to the policies and procedures established by the Atlanta campus. Qualified students will be granted a University of Atlanta degree, upon completion, from Atlanta, GA, USA.

18. I live in (---------------------) country. I would like to have a study partner. How do I contact fellow UofA students in my region, or for that matter UofA students in my program/university anywhere?
UofA recognizes and values peer-peer interaction. To that end, follow Uof A on Twitter and Facebook! All you have to do is create a Twitter and Facebook account, and you will be a click away from fellow students. You may go on to Discussion Boards to post a note, start a thread, etc., at any time. Remember, the web never sleeps. Note: Courtesy, respect, and thoughtfulness should be observed in all communication.

If you do not find the answers you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact:

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Updated November 2012